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BASES (Before and After School Extended Services) offers comprehensive, year-round programs, fully licensed by the state, catering to elementary and middle school-aged children. Our offerings encompass on-site before and after-school programs, complemented by full-day Summer Programs, each designed to deliver enriching and high-quality experiences.


Our dedicated staff is committed to delivering a student-centered approach, providing daily activities that encompass a wide spectrum of enriching experiences. These include enrichment activities, hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) initiatives, literacy-focused engagements, creative arts and crafts, organized sports, both indoor and outdoor games, and designated quiet time conducive to homework completion and reading. Additionally, we ensure children are provided with nutritious snacks to support their well-being.

We extend our expertise beyond direct program delivery, offering customized on-site professional development and technical assistance to school districts and organizations seeking to enhance their educational services.

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Mission Statement

BASES programs exist to provide a safe, healthy, worry-free environment for the child who cannot be at home with a parent.  Our focus is to meet the developmental needs of each individual child through enriching and quality experiences that enhance self-esteem and promote success.

Vision Statement

BASES programs will strive to provide an enriching, licensed, twelve-month-a-year program for children of elementary and middle school age. The professional staff will work in close collaboration with school districts, parents, students, and EdAdvance staff to continually refine and improve their skills for delivering quality experiences for all children who participate in the program.

Our Motto

Safe, Caring, Enriching
Research shows that Out of School Time (OST) programs keep kids safe, helps working families, and enhances academic achievement. We offer quality programs that keeps kids safe, helps families, and enhances school outcomes within a safe, healthy environment/culture.

BASES Administrative Team

BASES Family's Testimonials
"The program is amazing and the staff do very well with handling all behaviors while giving the kids self esteem and encouragement. I completely felt confident with leaving my son in their care. My son had a blast and wanted to go everyday. There was never a fight in the morning to wake up and go. :) Thank you!"
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